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Matur & Ökten & Karayel Keßler Law Office

With confidence since 1990

Matur & Ökten & Karayel Keßler Law Office was founded under the name “Matur & Ökten Law Office” in Kemeraltı, İzmir in March 11, 1990. Our office in Izmir moved to its current location near Izmir Bayraklı Courthouse in 2011.



Established in Kemeraltı İzmir and started to serve


New Office

We moved to our office near İzmir Bayraklı Courthouse.


İstanbul & Germany

We have the opportunity to provide settled services in İstanbul and Germany.


Together with confidence

We continue on our way by adding new successes to our story.


We Are Here To Help You

The scope of our activities can be divided into two main fields: counseling and litigation/dispute resolution. The division of work among our attorneys is based on their areas of expertise. In this way, when our clients contact with the office, their legal problem is evaluated and resolved by the partner attorney whose expertise is related to the given issue.


Full Service

The attorneys of Matur & Ökten & Karayel Keßler Law Office, who are comfortable at working both in Turkey and abroad, follow any legal developments closely and provide preventive and solution-oriented legal services to its customers. It is our primary goal to have a brilliant knowledge of most recent legal developments, and come up with legal solutions for our clients.


Our Services

Investing in Germany

The subject of investment in Germany has become an issue that is on the agenda of more and more Turkish
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Cooperatives Law with a Focus on Building Cooperatives and Condominium Law

Our office has served as a legal counselor for many building cooperative projects in the Aegean Region of Turkey. We
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Intellectual Property Law

Ever since it was founded, Matur & Ökten & Karayel Keßler Law Office has been an active player in the
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Family Law and Inheritance Law

Ever since it was founded, our office has dealt with many cases on the Family and Inheritance Law. Our Partners
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Criminal Law

Att. S. Murat Matur, one of our founding attorneys, completed his military service in the Southern Sea Area Command (İzmir)
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Real Estate Law, Urban Transformation Law, and Zoning Law

Matur & Ökten & Karayel Keßler Law Office has also a proven record of accomplishment on the Real Estate Law,
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Meet Our Team

Efsun Matur
Senior Partner

Efsun Matur

Senior Partner

S. Murat Matur

Senior Partner

Turgay Ökten