Real Estate Law, Urban Transformation Law, and Zoning Law

Matur & Ökten & Karayel Keßler Law Office has also a proven record of accomplishment on the Real Estate Law, Urban Transformation Law, and Zoning Law.

We help our clients to form the legal infrastructure required to get successful results from the negotiations on these issues. We can provide our clients with legal support on administrative and private law for the construction projects and ensure that they take the legal measures needed to comply with the relevant regulations.

We have extensive experience on the establishment of rights of construction, mortgage, lien, and easement.

Our staff can also meticulously draw out real estate contracts of sale, preliminary contracts for sale, and rental contracts.

We can give support for the contracts of shopping mall constructions, the construction contracts in return for flat, and the sale, and rental contracts for real estate investments of local and foreign financial institutions. The attorneys of our office have extensive experience on these subjects.